About us

LINK LTD. is devoted to consultancy, representation, international trade of finished and raw materials for steel and refractory industry.

Our main activities are trade, consultancy and representation  of foreign companies in Turkish Markets.

LINK LTD. is established by Mr. S. Kosereisoglu who worked in Erdemir ( the biggest steel producer in Turkey ) for more than 25 years and when he retired he was acting as vice president in charge of investments. Since 1991 he has also been acting as board member of a refractory producing company.

Apart from our representation services, LINK LTD. is specialized in supplying raw material, insulation bricks,copper moulds and chemicals for different sectors.



As LINK LTD. we provide official representation in Turkey to uncover local opportunities, source local products and resources as well as enhance their global business profile.

Often times, companies located outside of Turkey need to be represented in Turkish market, inhibiting factors such as time difference, language,  minimal knowledge of sources or even a lack of understanding of business practices. LINK LTD acts as an interface for such companies penetrating Turkish market. International companies stand to benefit from LINK LTD's local presence, understanding of the region and it's subtle methods of business and expertise in the trading business working from a similar time zone.

LINK LTD Representatives have experience dealing with companies in different sectors such as Iron & Steel, Petro Chemical, Cement, Energy, Glass, Pulp & Paper and refractory.